Microneedling can give you the clear, youthful and balance skin complexion of your dreams, and we provide this treatment here at our Luminary Cosmetic Medical Spa in Lindwood New Jersey while making sure that each customer is as comfortable and satisfied as possible.


If aging, texture deficiencies or uneven skin tone has left your skin looking less than its best, our microneedling therapy can reverse many of the adverse effects and help you face the world with greater confidence.

Microneedling Benefits


  •   No extensive recovery downtime required

  •   A better, less-invasive alternative to surgery

  •   Works with the body’s natural processes for skin rejuvenation

Microneedling Treatment Specifics

When we perform microneedling, we use a small handheld instrument that features a series of small needles. This instrument is rolled over the skin so that the needles can lightly puncture the skin. When the skin is punctured in this fashion, the body starts to produce more collagen and elastin naturally. This increase in collagen and elastin production can help restore skin elasticity and correct discoloration and other skin imperfections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatment sessions should I schedule?


Most people need three to six microneedling treatment sessions to experience the results that they want. Treatments are usually spaced two to four weeks apart from one another. We’ll recommend the exact number of sessions that we believe will be right for you when you come see us.


Can microneedling be effective in treating acne?


The appearance of acne scars can often be minimized with microneedling. The treatment also works well in reducing enlarged pores.


Can I return to normal activities immediately following treatment?


Most people return to their daily routines right after a treatment session without any problems.


You’ll likely experience great results when you come to us for microneedling in Lindwood. Contact us today for more details.

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