What is Dermaplaning?



If your facial skin is looking less than its best, dermaplaning in Lindwood may hold the key to improving your appearance. We offer this safe and affordable treatment here at our world-class medical spa.

Dermaplaning involves the use of a scalpel to scrape the skin to remove and reduce the appearance of certain skin imperfections. Despite what it might sound like, dermaplaning is actually a noninvasive treatment that won’t require you to miss work for recovery downtime. This treatment can correct textual inconsistencies and wrinkling of the skin along with removing problematic skin growths known as actinic keratoses. Even the appearance of some scars can be minimized with dermaplaning.



  •   Can be used with other treatments

  •   Cosmetics can be applied easier after treatment

  •   Makes other skincare methods more effective

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a treatment session last?


Your entire session can be completed in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.



How often can I receive dermaplaning?


You can receive dermaplaning as often as once a month if you want to maintain your fresh look.



Is there any cutting involved?


Even though a scalpel is used to scrape your skin, the instrument won’t be used to cut and enter your skin. In fact, you won’t even need anesthetic, and you’ll likely feel quite comfortable as the scalpel goes over your skin to remove the top skin layer to expose the healthier underlying layer.


To learn more about the benefits of dermaplaning in Lindwood and how it can change your appearance for the better, please contact us today.